What Apple Could do with iPhone 15 Prices this Year

What Apple Could do with iPhone 15 Prices this Year

February 6, 2023||

In 2007, Apple priced its first iPhone at a manageable price of $499. Since that year, the cost of these iPhones has increased drastically. With added features and technology, these prices seemed fair at the time.

However, even inflation couldn’t put a stop to this increase. According to different leaks, Apple claims to increase the prices of iPhone 15 Pro models. According to Ross Young, a display analyst, the iPhone 14 sales have fallen behind iPhone 13’s.

According to Apple, its Q4 earning stats cited the supply chain constraints and how iPhone 14’s sales have collapsed. This adds more strength to the iPhone 15 leaks claiming high pricing to fix this.

Ross Young broke down the sales graph of iPhone 14 models, showing the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models before their release. While this happened in August, the orders of iPhone 14 Plus had halved and dropped to 80% in November.

This ordering completely stopped in December and January. When Apple finally resumed taking iPhone 14 Plus orders in February, they were still only a minimum fraction of orders compared to the other iPhone 14 models.

This showed how badly the iPhone 14 failed, even after marketing it heavily. The graph also revealed that iPhone 14 model orders fell behind the iPhone 14 Pro models. According to leaks, Apple may address this failure by widening the price gap between iPhone 15 base model and iPhone 15 Pro models.

This gap could be up to $200, more expensive than the base models. However, another leak shows Apple may lower iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models’ prices. Apple has the highest profit margins in the mobile industry.

To achieve this, the huge price gap makes more sense. The growing iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max demand show people are ready to accept another price hike. Furthermore, these iPhone 15 leaks show significant upgrades in terms of performance in its standard models. However, these leaks aren’t a surety considering the rise in international iPhone prices over the year.

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