Top Security Trends in 2023

Top Security Trends in 2023

February 6, 2023||

In this modern IT-based world, cybersecurity holds significant value at both personal and professional levels. Having an online presence has become a necessity for all businesses, regardless of their field. While an online presence can open doors to a more extensive client base, it also brings complexities like cybersecurity to deal with.

Here are a few cybersecurity trends that will emerge in 2023:

Cloud Management
Cloud computing has been quite common since the pandemic. In order to work remotely, businesses transferred all operations online with the help of cloud computing. While cloud service teams do their best to adopt security measures, they still have faults. Although the cloud offers a great deal of automation, it can also lead to vulnerabilities caused by incorrect configuration.

Hacking of Automobiles
The latest vehicles are being automated to make the driving experience hassle-free. The software controls the engine, door locks, airbags, etc. Such automobiles are connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These networks, when left unprotected, leave your car vulnerable to cyber-attacks. With more automated cars on the roads in 2023, it’s anticipated that attempts to take charge of them will increase. Such cars have a complicated system that demands specific cybersecurity precautions.

Zero Trust Approach
Remote working will keep trending in 2023. The use of private networks and devices makes businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In such conditions, people will adopt a zero-trust approach. Zero trust means that users will have to verify and authenticate themselves. Only after authentication will they be given access to the organization’s resources. Organizations can implement different verification methods to safeguard themselves.

Increase in Ransomware
Ransomware has always been a cybersecurity issue. It has existed since the internet was newly introduced. In the past few years, it has been trending. It will deliver a massive hit in the current year. Humanity will continue to suffer from ransomware assaults and data breaches. However, if your security staff is equipped with threat strategies, encryption, and backups, they can minimize the impact of ransomware attacks.

Other than the trends mentioned above, this year will also witness an increase in smartphone malware and supply chain attacks.

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