Prosecuting Cybercriminals in Hague for War Crimes

Prosecuting Cybercriminals in Hague for War Crimes

September 11, 2023||

The organization that dispenses justice to the world’s worst individuals will now be prosecuting cybercriminals for their war crimes. If at least initially symbolic, this is a step forward in cross border support to moderate this global crisis.

The ICC (International Criminal Court) in Hague, Netherlands, is the first, and only international court with jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. With technology in every facet of all our lives, international cybercriminals can inflict catastrophic levels of pain and suffering to large groups of people anywhere without a realistic concern of criminal consequences.

According to KARIM A.A. KHAN KC, a Prosecutor with the International Criminal Court: ”Attempts to impact critical infrastructure, such as medical facilities or control systems for power generation, may result in immediate consequences for many, particularly the most vulnerable. Consequently, as part of its investigations, my office will collect and review evidence of such conduct.”

Cybercrime has been historically difficult to manage as the consequences that deter illicit activity are sometimes nearly impossible to impose across borders. The inherent autonomy that allows countries to be independent, unique, and to self-sovereign, never comprehended the concept of the internet. As the ICI is beginning to break down borders, at least for the largest crimes, we move one step closer to taming this out-of-control crisis through a comprehensive degree of deterrents and consequences.

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