Ensure your business and customer data is always secure and accessible.

Natural calamities and ransomware attacks can happen anytime, and a robust data backup and recovery plan may be the only thing that saves your entire business. Microtime Computers’ Disaster Recovery & Data Backup Solutions are cost-effective for small businesses and will keep your data safe, intact, and recoverable at all times.

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Secure, Compliant Data Storage

Our airtight backup strategy includes replications of your critical data at your facility and at a state-of-the-art offsite data center, where it is monitored and secured 24/7. This means that should anything happen at your business location, such as a fire or flooding, your files and applications remain accessible. We also perform tests on a regular basis to ensure successful retrieval during a data loss event.

Our solutions are secured with end-to-end encryption and are fully compliant with regulatory agencies such as HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery solutions minimize the impact of catastrophes and recover your critical systems immediately in the event of a business-halting disaster. Microtime Computers will identify, design, and implement a comprehensive virtualization solution that fits your existing environment.

When your IT system is completely virtualized, your servers are captured and consolidated in a single snapshot, hosting all your files, applications, and data in a single location. This makes disaster recovery simpler compared to duplicating all your systems, and requires less space for storage and less bandwidth when replicating between two sites. What’s more, these snapshots are created continuously with no end-user disruption.

Microtime Computers’ Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery & Data Backup solutions include:

Receive unlimited technical support at no additional cost. Our remote monitoring and management capabilities allow us to address any issues with your IT systems. We understand the stress and financial implications of downtime events, and we will fix your problems as quickly as possible.

  • Site Visits & Training – Site visits help organizations understand the benefits of virtualization technology. We conduct Disaster Recovery planning workshops to determine the best strategy based on the level of disaster recovery capability needed.
  • Assessments – Assessments help organizations make informed decisions that maximize the advantages of virtualization in their specific environment. We identify the scope of relevant solutions and make deployment recommendations for their existing infrastructure.
  • Design – This stage provides comprehensive server consolidation architecture and implementation planning to ensure that the project will be executed successfully with minimal end-user disruption.
  • Implementation – Microtime Computers deploys the virtualization of both servers and desktops to help organizations reap the benefits of modern technology.

Our Focus: Your Business

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