ChatGPT & the Benefits and Disadvantages of AI Writing Tools

ChatGPT & the Benefits and Disadvantages of AI Writing Tools

February 6, 2023||

ChatGPT is the next best thing created by Open AI. This human-like AI chatbot uses machine-learning algorithms on the massive text data it has stored to generate user response requests.

The platform also utilizes reinforcement learning generated from human feedback. One of the biggest reasons for ChatGPT’s hype remains how easily it creates usable information for writers.

Undoubtedly, AI-generated writing content is becoming mainstream. People use writing tools to create blogs, articles, and many other types of content. AI writing tools like ChatGPT are designed to automate the writing process using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

These tools have several benefits and disadvantages that are worth considering.

Advantages of AI-Writing Tools

Efficiency and Speed
AI-writing tools can generate text much faster than humans. This makes it possible for AI-writing tools to make content within a few seconds. So, if a human wants to create large-form text content, they can use an AI-writing tool that will help them generate the content quickly instead of wasting time researching.

Cost-effective Solution
While content writers are widely available, their cost for each article can be a few hundred dollars. The cost also depends on how long the article will be, the technical knowledge required, and the number of articles required weekly or monthly.

In contrast, an AI-writing tool can be free or cost $100 at most for hundreds and thousands of words.

No More Writer’s Block
Writer’s block is the most frustrating thing for writers. When writers have trouble creating fresh content, AI tools can help create detailed outlines and mention critical points that they can use in the article.

Disadvantages of AI-Writing Tools

Possible Plagiarism
AI-writing tools rely on algorithms and data to produce content. They may use the content as it is from other sites, causing search engines to flag the content as it contains similar content.

Problem in Flow
AI-writing tools can face problems when communicating the right tone for an article, blog, or content piece. This is something only human writers can produce. A human writer will have to edit the content piece even after using an AI tool.

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