Creating more efficient workplaces
through premium technology services

Microtime Computers has been the complete technology partner of New England businesses since 2001. We provide a plethora of industry-leading solutions and collaborative tools tailored to improve your employees’ and customers’ experience. Our team understands that technology is at the core of any business operation, so we work hard to eliminate recurring issues and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

IT expertise and resources close at hand

Our team of certified IT professionals brings decades of in-depth industry expertise to every organization. We continually improve our skills and maintain long-standing partnerships with leading IT vendors, so we are always ready to meet your evolving business needs.

No downtime, more productivity

Our cutting-edge remote monitoring and management capabilities allow us to keep your entire IT infrastructure optimized 24/7. They help detect potential security threats and performance issues before they occur, preventing unexpected downtime that would result in frustrated customers and lost revenues.

Our Focus: Your Business

We’ll take an in-depth look at your network and propose a customized action plan — no commitment needed!